What can I do to keep my skin looking young?

Today I woke up with a terrible sunburn from spending 3 fun filled days on a friends boat in Miami Beach. Even with repeated applications of Sunblock I should have been more careful about laying out in the sun and re-applying the sunblock when I would get out of the water. South Florida is full of sun-worshippers who lay out in the sun and tan their skin. Sun unfortunately is the worst possible thing you can do for you skin. This brings me to a question that I received which was “What can I do to keep my skin looking young” to that I said STAY OUT OF THAT SUN!  I do realize of Course that if someone came up to me today and saw just how red I was from my sun exposure they probably would not take me seriously. Always wear sunblock and avoid the sun whenever possible. The sun is going to speed up aging skin, increase your wrinkles, and deepen your lines, in fact it leads to skin cancer, poor skin elasticity, sun spots, and vanishing collagen. Wear your sunblocks, always use a moisturizer, and try skin care products that contain retinoids , Here is a great product Antioxidant Infusion Crème (A true miracle)  [social_link type=”facebook_account” url=”https://www.facebook.com/pages/Remi-D-Clinical-Skin-Care/294554034290″ target=”on” ]



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