What Foods Can I Eat for Healthy Skin?

In addition to taking great care of your skin with REMI D Clinical Skin Care, you can eat your way to better looking skin with the help of foods such as Avocados, Soybeans, Nuts, Pomegranates, Salmon, and Tomatoes.

Let us talk about why these foods can help in your quest for perfect skin. Tomatoes are great because they contain an ingredient called Lycopene, studies show that lycopene will help to prevent sunburns, It should not be used in exchange for sunblock but it is always nice to have extra protection.  Salmon is great for increasing elasticity.  If you eat avocados, nuts and soybeans you are getting a vitamin called biotin, which is essential for healthy glowing skin. Pomegranates are a great antioxidant, and have been shown to produce more collagen in the skin.

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