Vitamin C Revitalizing Creme

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Our velvety smooth Vitamin C Revitalizing Crème was formulated to aggressively battle signs of sun damage and skin aging. It contains 12% L-Ascorbic Acid, the most potent form of vitamin C. Uniquely, our product is highly stable for an extended period of time because of advanced technology which enables us to encapsulate the active ingredient with a poly-silicone giving it a longer shelf life. Typically Vitamin C products are very unstable with a very short shelf life, our product is guaranteed to last for at least 2 years, ensuring that you will be utilizing the true 12% Vitamin C in this product. Most products on the marker only last for 6 months and turn brown, which means the product has oxidized and the efficacy of the Vitamin C is rapidly degrading. This may mean that perhaps you started with a product that was 10% but by the time your client gets to the bottom of their jar maybe the formula now only contains an active 2% which is of no benefit.

You will see immediate results with this product ! Skin will feel supple and look more vibrant in just one application. Over time twice daily application will result in a lessened appearance of fine lines, skin roughness, and skin discoloration. This product is a must for people who have sun damaged skin, abused skin, or hyper-pigmentation as Vitamin C will naturally even out skin tone.

Did you know that our Vitamin C Revitalizing Crème will deliver 20-40 times the amount of vitamin C that can be absorbed from supplements? Proving that topical application of Vitamin C for skin rejuvenation is most effective.

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