Replenishing Sunblock SPF35+

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Indications For Normal, Dehydrated, and Sensitive Skin Types
Directions Use daily at least 20 minutes before sun exposure

Other Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Rice Peptides, Soybean Protein, Tamanu Oil, Green Tea Extract, Beta Carotine, Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E).

Micronized Z-Cote, the most effective and durable broad spectrum UV filter available to scientists. It scatters all waveforms of UV light before it can enter the skin. It also acts in synergism with all other UV absorbing components to make both more effective.

UVA Protection: Octinoxate, stops the breakdown of the collagen layer caused by release of collagenase (collagen destroying enzymes) and elastase (destroys elastin: your skins elastic membrane). Natural anti-aging peptides and Aloe then protect the collagen layer as it recovers its former youth. Our formula blocks over 85% of all UV radiation (UVA and UVB), 220% above average commercial sun care products.

Our exclusive formulation delivers 2 mg/ the same film thickness FDA requires during SPF testing. This formulation has a light “melon scent” and glides on the skin flawlessly. It is a light pink color but when applied to the skin it gives a slight hint of a powder veil finish.

size 2 oz

1 review for Replenishing Sunblock SPF35+

  1. Beverly Lynch

    I have to say this this is a fabulous sunblock. It feels and acts just like a moisturizer, and does not give me that greasy heavy texture like typical sunblocks. I have tried also the green tea sunblock that you offer which my daughter uses now who has extremely sensitive skin.

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