What is causing the dark circles under my eyes?

For many of us, dark undereye circles are the mark of a late or sleepless night. For many others though the dark colored rings are the gift that keeps on giving regardless of quality of your sleep. Blood and lymphatic circulation can play a large role. We also see that as people age a steady change of the bone and fat structures that causes shadowing. For others genetics plays a large role in dark circles. Of course we also see that allergies, nasal congestion, smoking, sun exposure, anemia and dehydration, and sleeping all contribute as well, but luckily these last few are all preventable and treatable sources.

Here are a few tricks of the trade to help treat! Dermal fillers are a potential treatment option to combat the shadowing effect. We can use eye creams containing retinol or vitamin C (always wear sunscreen). For an at-home DIY method, I recommend placing cool potato slices over the eyes. They contain the enzyme catecholase, which can help decrease pigmentation.

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