Are my skincare products aging my face?

Your skin care products may actually be aging your skin take a look at this.

I always advocate that everyone should be wearing their sunblock no matter what the day looks like!

many people use retinols and AHAs diligently to stave off aging and maintain a glowy complexion. But without the proper protection they could actually be aging you? If you’re not super-diligent with sun protection, they most likely are aging you. many products contain active ingredients like retinoids (Vitamin A),  and also Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids like salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. Active ingredients like these can cause serious sun sensitivity, making your skin more vulnerable to the sun’s rays and more prone to sun damage. Did you know that most people don’t use sunblock because they assume they wont need it sitting in the office all day! The first 15-20 min of sun exposure is all you need, which we can get walking into and out of the office or driving in the car. Please wear your sunblock & make sure it has titanium dioxide for a true SPF. Check out these great sunblocks here. 

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