Taking care of your skin at night!

It is said that the best time to put a topical skin care product on your skin is around 9pm, because that is when the skin is the most receptive, and the DNA Repair is boosted.  The best tricks in evening skin care is to remove , rinse, and repeat. What this means is you should wash your face twice at night , this is an absolute necessity in today’s world because of the constant pollution, the atmosphere, and free radicals. if you wear makeup, many people opt to use a makeup remover followed by a deep pore cleanser .  Using an exfoliating cream or toner is sure to get you the glow you are looking for, we recommend exfoliating at least 3 times per week if you are sensitive, and more if you have normal skin. this is going to help get all the dead skin cells from your skin, letting your topicals penetrate even farther.



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