Pregnancy and Acne.

When someone is pregnant the body produces progerterone, which stimulates the oil producing sebaceous glands in the skin and as well the sweat producing glands. When we have sweat and oil one of 2 things can happen, and its important to remember that every pregnancy is mutually exclusive.  If we have sweat and oil , this is extremely beneficial to dry skin because it lubricates and can give you that “pregnancy glow” that everyone is always talking about. However, the other instance is a build up of sweat and oil which can become a breeding ground for bacteria which will trigger an acne breakouts.  Hormone fluctuations during pregnancy can help to clear up acne in women, where for others it can worsen their conditions. It is important to remember that we should be using products that are safe during pregnancy like these products which are made specifically for women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Stick to your home regimen, by cleansing, exfoliating , and moisturizing.. Feel free to use and organic moisturizing mask weekly for an extra glow.

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