Retinol-The Gold Standard in Skin Care

Retinols are Vitamin A derivatives, which include prescription and OTC (over the counter.)  Although prescription strength retinols are more potent , OTC strength has been hailed as an anti-aging staple with impressive results.   Retinols were originally used to treat acne, but dermatologists quickly noticed the potential to treat a wider range of concerns from Photodamage to fine lines.  Retinol works by enhancing cellular performance. It can boost cell turnover, build collagen, and fight acne.  Retinol is a communicator that signals aging cells to continue their renewal process, it works on the molecular level binding to DNA. Retinol is a true multitasker it works intrinsically and extrinsically on the skin, making cells more organized, improving texture and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and dullness.  Check out this amazing product with the maximum amount of Retinol allowed. Antioxidant Infusion Creme Prescription strength retonols might be more potent and work faster, but that also means that it can and most likely will over dry your skin. If you have sensative skin you will not be able to tolerate will the prescription strength product. Another important thing to remember when using retinol is to protect your skin with sunblock. Retinol increases cell turnover which makes it more vulnerable to the sun.

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