Why is sleep so important for my skin?

There are 5 stages of sleep,  Stages 3 and 4 are the most important stages and where the skin sees the most benefit. Stage 5 is the slow wave sleep stage and its about 35 minutes after you initially fall asleep. It is during this state of rest that the brain and muscle activity decrease, and the body starts to repair muscles and tissues. The body stimulates growth and development with growth hormones, boosts immunity, and builds energy in during this stage.

Here are some important factors that relate to sleep and your skin

Hormones: Sleep helps regulate your hormones, therefore a lack of sleep send critical hormones out of whack, to cause a host of skin and overall health issues.

Circulation: Proper circulation is needed for nourishment and detoxification, so if we lack sleep then this will slow down that process. Blood flow in the circulatory system delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Lymphatic Drainage: this is a vital component of the immune system and has 3 functions, which are to remove excess fluids from the body tissues, absorb fats and transport them to blood, and protects the body against disease. One third of a bodies lymph nodes are found on the face and neck. While we are sleeping the lymph system works at its optimal level, therefore if sleep is compromised we see such results as a build up of toxins and a swelling of the skin. Where it is most noticeable is puffiness in the face especially under the eyes. A build up of toxins in the face can show up as acne on the surface.

It is important to take care of your skin before bed because pollutants can build up on your face throughout the day. After first cleansing the skin a great product to use during the night would be a Vitamin A Cream

This is known as a skin normalizer and it helps to repair at night.

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