Why am I getting acne around my mouth?

Adult Acne afflicts so many people,. One of the big questions that I have been getting as of late is how can I help treat my adult acne, and is it preventable?

The good news is that 90 percent of the adults who get Acne around the mouth are able to treat this just by making some simple changes in their routines. These 90% of the sufferers having such acne the can be attributed to wrong cosmetic products including lip balms, sulfate rich toothpastes, make-up products etc. Also; women who tend to sleep with their makeup on are more likely to suffer from such acne. This being said, its important to clean your face before bed, Clean your makeup brushes, try not to get toothpaste around your mouth, and I personally stopped using chapstick and balms and have switched to using aquaphor to keep my lips moist.

So for the other 10% of you, this is something that should be easily treatable if you visit a skin care specialist, or Dermatologist who can help identify the exact cause of the peri-oral acne. Most likey they will want you to start a cleansing and toning routine.


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