What is the big difference between sunblock and sunscreen?

The difference between sunscreen and sunblock is that sunscreens contain special ingredients that act as filters and reduce ultraviolet radiation penetration to the skin. These sunscreens often are colorless and maintain a thin visible film on the skin. sunscreens usually contain UVB absorbing chemicals and more recently contain UVA absorbers as well.

sunblocks on the other hand, are products containing ingredients such a titanium dioxide and zinc oxide like the ones that Remi-D Carries which you can find here which physically block ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Sunblocks provide broad protection against both UVB and UVA light.  The amount of sun protection in sunblocks is much higher, although that is always dependent on the quality of the product.

So to sum it up, sunblocks , block the UVB & UVA light while a sunscreens will filter or absorb the UVB light and sometimes the UVA.

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