What is a Blackhead? How Can I Treat My Blackheads?

The Easiest way to explain a blackhead is a Pore which has become plugged at the surface with sebum (oil) and dirt. It has an open top which allows you to look into it which makes it appear black. Everyone can be afflicted with blackheads but they are much more visible on some of us then they can be on others.  The appearance of blackheads depends on age, skin type, skin care regimen, heredity, hormone levels, etc.

How can I treat my blackheads?

Some of the best ways of treating black heads or enlarged pores would be using exfoliating products like the Flawless Microdermabrasion Cream , this product uses ingredients like White Bora Bora Sand, and Refined Bamboo to help exfoliate your dead skin which clogs pores. You can also look for products with Salicylic Acid  or Glycolic Acids to help with enlarged pores, exfoliation, and black heads. These products will also help with your production of oil. Salicylic Acid is lipophilic which means that it is attracted to fat and oils which helps to dissolve the plugs. Try the Nourishing Beta Cleanser, this product has Salicylic Acid and is a great daily use product for control. Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid and helps to clear dead skin cells and debris from the surface of the skin, it has been shown to also shrink enlarged pores. Try the Pore Minimizer, a 12 percent unbuffered Glycolic Acid product. 

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