What are signs that I have parasites in my body?

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Signs Of Parasites Within a Human Body

Many have described the variety of symptoms you can experience as a result of parasites.  The following is not a complete list but identifies a majority of symptoms experienced by many.

chronic fatigue depression
easily fatigued irritability
lethargy irrational anger
physical exhaustion restlessness
repeated awakening during sleep always hungry
teeth grinding while sleeping craving sugar
insomnia craving starchy carbohydrate foods
aching joints food sensitivities
swollen joints food intolerances
diarrhea allergies
constipation fevers
weight gain itching rectum
weight loss pot belly
bloating poor memory
stomach gas inability to concentrate
belching confused
nausea spaced out
cysts fuzzy thinking
water retention lack of focus
abdominal cramps anemia
dark circles under the eyes convulsions in children
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