Should I Wash My Face at Night?

I have been asked if its important for you to wash your face at night, and the answer is Yes!

There are a few great reasons to wash your face at night. First, washing at night will keep you younger looking longer, it helps you to exfoliate those dead layers of skin, which helps with those fine lines and wrinkles. Second, it removes the toxins, makeup left on the skin has a tendency to clog pores, and it can be a breeding ground of bacteria, it also blocks the exfoliating process of the skin. Third, It may not be something that we notice, but we touch our faces so many times throughout the day, and every time we leave bacteria and dirt on our face. It is a great idea to have this off our faces before we go to bed. A final reason to for cleansing at night is because clean skin is better able to absorb skin care products. While we sleep the skin has the best opportunity to repair itself so its important that we use skin care products at night, and the best way to apply those is to fresh and clean skin. Check out my amazing skin cleansers here. I have 1 for every skin type!


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