Rescue Bio Sanitizing Mist (Organic)




Purify & Protect

This purifying and protecting face mist will minimize unwanted shine and prevent breakouts by reducing excessive oil and sweat. Fulvic Minerals will help sanitize and keep your skin cool during the day. This mist is ideal for someone who has Normal/Oily skin or for someone who is very active during the day.

Size: 2.0 oz


All Phyto Ingredients Certified Organic: Purified Water, Calendula officinalis flower extract, (Aspen) bark extract, Arctium lappa (burdock) root extract, Essential oil of extractum iuniperorum (Juniper Berry Extract), Mentha piperita (Peppermint) flower distillate, Fulvic Minerals, Populus tremuloides.

Elina Organics toners consist of an infusion of organic herbs with aromatherapeutic essential oil blends. They are free from synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, and drying ingredients such as alcohol. The herbal mists remove final traces of cleanser and restore the correct pH to your skin. Elina Organics toners are infused with natural bioenergetic imprints which provide an extra dimension to the products and balance the energy flow in the skin.