Refreshing Botanical Cleanser (sensitive skin/rosacea)

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Indication- Dry, Sensitive, Rosacea, Pregnant
Directions- Use Twice Daily

ORGANIC FORMULATION CONTAINS: Lavender Oil, Organic Roman Chamomile Flower Extract.

Our Refreshing Botanical Cleanser is a soothing and moisturizing cleanser that was specially formulated for those with dry, sensitive, and Rosacea skin types. It contains Lavender Oil which is a natural anti-bacterial agent that reduces facial redness and swelling.

This formulation is non-acidic which is the reason it is suitable for sensitive and Rosacea skin. Acidic ingredients will sting and irritate the skin lending to facial redness and swelling. This formulation is also suitable for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

size 4.75 oz

1 review for Refreshing Botanical Cleanser (sensitive skin/rosacea)

  1. corey

    excellent product for sensitive skin!

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