Defy Time Sunblock SPF 30


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Indications- For Normal to Oily, and Acne Prone Skin Types
Directions, Apply Evenly at least 20 min before sun exposure
Other Ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Rice Peptides, Alpha Lipoic Acid

This light cream should be applied as your last step in your skin care regimen. Sunblock is the most effective anti-aging product that you can use. When the skin is left unprotected the suns rays cause a chemical in the body known as a free-radical. Free-Radicals are responsible for collagen and elastin break-down, this is why individuals who lay out for tans excessively or people who smoke age more rapidly than others.

This Aloe based moisturizing formula combines the newest nano-technology and biotechnology to deliver high UV protection and wrinkle fighting peptides and anti-oxidant factors from Green Tea and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Photoaging can be attacked 3 different ways:
Nano-particles of Zinc Oxide can scatter a Broad Spectrum of UV before it can enter the skin, blocking over 70% of the wrinkle causing UVA.
Peptides can inhibit collagen breakdown caused by collagenase (collagen destroying enzymes), while Alpha Lipoic Acid can accelerate this effect.
Green Tea’s polyphenols and Caffeine have been shown to block the formation of skin cancers in Studies at Rutgers University and University of Alabama’s Medical School.

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