This amazing anti-aging crème will glide onto your face leaving it silky smooth and hydrated.  For maximum benefits we suggest you layer the Regenerative Stem Cell Crème on top of the Stem Cell Therapy Gel, twice daily.  Technology has come a long way to deliver us such a great anti-aging formula that can be dubbed “futuristic in its benefits”.  Our unique formulations are the culmination of a tremendous amount of research and development to deliver to you the best Stem Cell products available today.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pentapeptide-31(Survixyl IS)

Epidermal stem cells are critical for homeostasis of skin.  The epidermal stem cells serve as a normal reservoir for keratinocytes needed to replace dying cells due to normal differentiation and tissue turnover, or damaged cells due to stress.  Survixyl IS biofunctional is a peptide based on discoveries in stem cell research.  It’s function as a complete anti-aging tool is to boost the “Stemness Recovery Complex” or “SRC”, which is characterized by 5 key factors: 2 factors that influence the fate of stem cells (survivan and p63) and 3 markers that influence the adhesion of stem cells in the niche (B-1 integrin, a-6 integrin and keratin 15).

This complex is critical to preserve the niche environment to maintain a population of the epidermal stem cells and to protect them from exhaustion under stress conditions, which could lead to premature skin aging.  Survixyl IS is a complete breakthrough in anti-aging as it helps preserve the niche environment of stem cells and optimizes epidermal self-rejuvenation.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:  Phaseolus Radiatus Meristem Cell Culture Extract (Plant C-Stem Vigna Radiata)   this active ingredient is in both gel & creme

Plant C Stem Vigna Radiata inhibits the synthesis of the key inflammation mediators and increases the production of extracellular matrix components.  It also stabilizes the collagen fibre matrix and improves communication between cells and the extracellular matrix so that the survival of the individual cells is improved.

Our amazing REGENER8 REGENERATIVE STEM CELL CRÈME is an absolute must have as an anti-aging tool.  This crème will work and deliver results to all age groups but the younger that you start applying anti-aging crèmes the earlier you can prevent aging,  women and men in the early 20’s can even benefit from its application.  This wonderful crème will begin to reverse intrinsic & extrinsic aging in just a few short weeks, with some benefits showing immediately.  Remember to take your own before and after photos to document your progress with these amazing stem cell products.

SIZE 1.25oz