How do I care for my rosacea correctly?

First Step is cleansing , use a gentle non-irritating cleanser , you want to minimize scrubbing and exfoliation at first. If you want to use a toner, make sure the toner does not contain alcohol. For your treatment , you want to use products that have green-tea, and are rich in antioxidants.  Oil- free products and products with hyaluronic acid are great for moisture.  Moisturizers are important to heal the compromised skin barrier. Avoid Vitamin C, AHA’s, and BHA’s.  Protection is your final step, try and use sunblock with titanium or zinc, many sunblocks contain green tea and provide great moisture.  If you want to wear make-up, use mineral makeup and apply it on top of your sunblock.  Its is tolerated best by those with rosacea because of its simple ingredients and lack of heavy oils.  Check out our line of Rosacea Products here .   

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