How Can I Properly Moisturize?

What are the right ingredients to moisturize my face. We need to moisturize our skin regularly, this can be especially true during the bitter cold winter months.  Have you ever looked at what is really in the moisturizers that you are using.  Take a look here at Remi-D Clinical’s ingredients list, you will notice very good quality and necessary ingredients. What we want to avoid is oily cheap chemicals. What happens is you see an immediate difference and your skin looks soft and supple, but you are putting to many chemicals on your face that will change the PH, and as well do nothing to increase the moisture barrier which is essential. Look for products with natural ingredients that will build your lipid barrier, ingredients like Sphingolipids, Ceramides, and Cholesterol.  Try these Flawless Lipid Drops, great for all skin types.

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