How Can I Make My Skin Glow?

I wanted to tell you about a great product we have to help you achieve that glow.  My Microbuff Cream is an intense resurfacing treatment that clears away dead-cell debris from the skins surface, show-casing healthy new cells and giving skin a radiant, healthy glow. It is important to remember that when dead-cell debris are cleared from the skins surface it allows for better absorption of your anti-aging creams because the dead cells will “sop-up” the cream before it has a chance to be absorbed. Fine lines and wrinkles are accentuated by dead-cells, this product will “buff away” those cells leaving your skin silky smooth and vibrant. If we don’t address the dead skin cells through exfoliation we end up with a dull, rough complexion that looks older than it is. Exfoliation helps promote cellular renewal by stimulating the fibroblasts. Check out this amazing cream here 

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