Essential Steps to Healthy & Radiant Skin.

Most importantly we need to Cleanse & exfoliate our dead skin cells daily. Not only do dead skin cells leave a lack luster appearance to skin, but they can clog pores. A great product for exfoliating and leaving an even skin tone and beautiful healthy glow is the Micro Buff Skin Polish. Another amazing benefit to exfoliating is that it allows for better absorption of your skin cremes and moisturizers.
Another essential step is using antioxidant rich skin care to fight against free radicals (free radicals which can cause skin cancer.) Antioxidant Infusion Creme is a great product!
The next steps you should take in your skin care routine , Always wear a Sunblock! Its imporant to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. You should always wear an SPF of 30 or greater. Even if you don’t think you are going to be out in the sun its important to get into the habit of wearing it all the time. Check out these great moisturizing sunblocks here.
Lastly you should wear a night cream to help repair your skin while you sleep. Try out my Vitamin C Revitalizing Creme. When you wake up your Skin will feel supple and look more vibrant. Over time twice daily application will result in a lessened appearance of fine lines, skin roughness, and skin discoloration. This product is a must for people who have sun damaged skin, abused skin, or hyper-pigmentation as my highly stable Vitamin C will naturally even out skin tone.

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