[pix_md_text align=”text_center” max_width=”780″]Thank you for your purchase, you just activated Enfinity,
an elegant and flexible WordPress e-commerce theme with an adaptive layout[/pix_md_text]

Camera slideshow free plugin

[pix_sm_text align=”text_center” max_width=”780″]If you want you can download Camera slideshow plugin (click here or on the image above), but since Enfinity 2.0 the theme comes with a powerful slideshow generator, try it[/pix_sm_text]

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The slideshows

[pix_dropcap]1[/pix_dropcap]You can decide to use Camera slideshow (a free WP plugin developed by me) or, since Enfinity 2.0 the slideshow generator to create responsive slideshows.

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[pix_dropcap]2[/pix_dropcap]Enfinity is developed to support WooCommerce (click here) to transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred online eCommerce store.

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[pix_dropcap]3[/pix_dropcap]For the support forum, Enfinity uses BBPress plugin (click here), so the theme is BBPress ready too… the demo version is exactly the same of yours.

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Admin panel

[pix_dropcap]4[/pix_dropcap]Enfinity provides a very extended admin panel. You can have fun with it or, if you prefer, you can import a preset skin.
N.B.: read the documentation.