Beneficial Natural Ingredients: It is important to know what works for your best skin.

Beneficial Natural Ingredients: It is important to know what works for your best skin.

Using botanical ingredients in skin care goes back many thousands of years, for instance using olive oil to soften, tea tree oil to heal wounds, or turmeric to reduce wrinkles.  Even as skin care has advanced, traditional ingredients stay the same. In this post I want to go over some of the best natural proven ingredients for some of the most common skin care concerns such as Acne, Redness, Hyperpigmentation, and of course wrinkling.

Let us start with Acne. Some of the most common natural ingredients and botanicals that are used to fight blemishes are witch hazel and willow bark, which are used to reduce seabum and lessens the severity of your breakout. Witch hazel will reduce the oils on your skin and help to fight infections, while willow bark is an anti-inflammatory. Check out this A&B Cooling toner or The Pore Minimizer both contain the active ingredient witch Hazel.

Redness Reducers: one of the great anti-inflammatory ingredients that chemists use is Bisabolol , which is derived from the chamomile plant and red and brown algae.  Check out this great eye cream which uses this ingredient to help with puffy undereyes.

Skin Brightening: Hormonal imbalances, photodamage, acne, and other factors can lead to pigmentation problems.  There are many ingredients that will help to suppress the melanogenesis to prevent future hyperpigmentation.  Some of the most widely used ingredients include Arbutin, Licorice, and mulberry. All of these ingredients have the same function which is to inhibit the tyrosinase which is the enzyme that causes hyperpigmentation. Check out these excellent skin lightening products here.

Collagen Stimulators: Antiaging products formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines primarily focus on collagen production which basically plumps the skin! Without question one of the most popular ingredients used is Vitamin A more commonly seen on the packaging as retinoids or retinoic acid.  Check out this popular product Antioxidant Infusion Crème.  Vitamin C is another naturally derived topical ingredient with a long history in antiaging skin care.  L-abosrbic acid (Vitamin C) is widely known as the ingredient for the repair of sun damage, however Vitamin C is amazing because of its ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen: a critically important skin protein that strengthens structural support and resilience of the skin. Vitamin C is also an extremely effective Antioxidant, which are a critical natural defense against “free radicals,” unstable molecules that age the skin. Check out this amazing Vitamin C Crème.

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