Anti-oxidants For Your Skin

A very important step in the skin care regimen is to use crèmes that contain beneficial anti-oxidants. Anti-Oxidants are capable of inhibiting the oxidation of molecules in skin cells.  The oxidation of a cell is when the electrons are turned into an oxidizing agent, resulting in “Free-Radicals”.  Free-Radicals are agents that go around the body and break-down collagen and elastin.    Free-Radicals are caused by sun exposure, smoking, air pollution, stress and even fluorescent lighting that is typically found in an office environment.  The purpose of using anti-oxidants is to battle these free-radicals which is a very important step in maintaining skin health and to aid anti-aging.  Anti-Oxidants can reduce wrinkles, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, and increase skin firmness and elasticity.


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