Beneficial Natural Ingredients: It is important to know what works for your best skin.

Using botanical ingredients in skin care goes back many thousands of years, for instance using olive oil to soften, tea tree oil to heal wounds, or turmeric to reduce wrinkles.  Even as skin care has advanced, traditional ingredients stay the same. In this post I want to go over some of the best natural proven ingredients for some of the most common skin care concerns such as Acne, Redness, Hyperpigmentation, and of course wrinkling.

Let us start with Acne. Some of the most common natural ingredients and botanicals that are used to fight blemishes are witch hazel and willow bark, which are used to reduce seabum and lessens the severity of your breakout. Witch hazel will reduce the oils on your skin and help to fight infections, while willow bark is an anti-inflammatory. Check out this A&B Cooling toner or The Pore Minimizer both contain the active ingredient witch Hazel.

Redness Reducers: one of the great anti-inflammatory ingredients that chemists use is Bisabolol , which is derived from the chamomile plant and red and brown algae.  Check out this great eye cream which uses this ingredient to help with puffy undereyes.

Skin Brightening: Hormonal imbalances, photodamage, acne, and other factors can lead to pigmentation problems.  There are many ingredients that will help to suppress the melanogenesis to prevent future hyperpigmentation.  Some of the most widely used ingredients include Arbutin, Licorice, and mulberry. All of these ingredients have the same function which is to inhibit the tyrosinase which is the enzyme that causes hyperpigmentation. Check out these excellent skin lightening products here.

Collagen Stimulators: Antiaging products formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines primarily focus on collagen production which basically plumps the skin! Without question one of the most popular ingredients used is Vitamin A more commonly seen on the packaging as retinoids or retinoic acid.  Check out this popular product Antioxidant Infusion Crème.  Vitamin C is another naturally derived topical ingredient with a long history in antiaging skin care.  L-abosrbic acid (Vitamin C) is widely known as the ingredient for the repair of sun damage, however Vitamin C is amazing because of its ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen: a critically important skin protein that strengthens structural support and resilience of the skin. Vitamin C is also an extremely effective Antioxidant, which are a critical natural defense against “free radicals,” unstable molecules that age the skin. Check out this amazing Vitamin C Crème.

Did you know that sticking to a healthy eating schedule can better protect you from ultraviolet induced damage. A mouse study that was conducted by the university of CA Irvine found that eating at abnormal times can disrupt the circadian rhythm of the skin and alters the potency of an enzyme that protects the skin against UV radiation., The study showed that the mice who were given food only during the day, instead of their normal nocturnal pattern of eating at night sustained more skin damage.

There are so many cons to having oily skin, one of the biggest I can think of is Acne. But many people never knew this but there are some pros to having oily skin too! First oily skin provides a natual UV protection. Oily skin tends to burn less . Most importantly Oily skin is said to age slower. Because of the prolonged hydration that the oil provides people will see less wrinkles when it counts!  Lastly it is said that sebum delivers essential nutrients such as Vitamin E to the skin, which is an antioxidant that protects humans from free radicals.

Answer: You should never get a facial before a big event. 

with that being said the prelude to that question would be- what is the best way to prep my skin for an upcoming event. we recommend just taking it easy and sticking with your regular routine. There’s an understandable urge to kick your routine into overdrive in order to look your best, we have all done it, but the truth is that if your skin does well with its normal regimen then there’s no reason to risk upsetting it. what I do recommend is kicking your water intake into over drive. Avoid doing things that are going to dehydrate your skin. What dehydrates your skin? Sun exposure, tanning, alcohol consumption, etc. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest and Drink lots of water. We warn against getting a facial or doing anything extreme before a big event because your skin needs time to heal afterwards.

Answer: Using your hands to wash your face isn’t enough!

When discussing the ideal skincare routine we can’t stress enough the importance of exfoliation and deep cleansing! “Cleansing is the most important step of your routine. We have so many different types of cleansers each tailored for different skin types. what one should do is exfoliate without over-stripping the skin. You can do this by using the right cleanser and using either a toner or exfoliant cream just after. Exfoliating is going to help your skin care products and serums penetrate so much deeper and with more success. Many of our patients use a skin cleansing brush with their routine and we highly recommend this for a nice deep clean.  Cleansing is an extremly important step in your routine, so even using a washcloth would be an improvement over using your hands to wash your face.


Why Your Skin Becomes Dry, Tight and Wrinkly in the Winter

Before we move on to the “how,” let me explain why your skin behaves the way it does during winter.

The outermost layer of our skin is called the stratum corneum, and it’s the first line of defense against the environment. A healthy water content in the stratum corneum equals soft and smooth skin. When any of these two important components are disrupted, which normally happens during exposure to extreme temperature, your skin loses water and, consequently, becomes dry, flaky and wrinkled.

So how do we defend our skin during the harsh winter months?

Apply sunscreen.
No matter what season it is, its always important to wear your sunscreen. A broad spectrum sunblock with at least a true 30 SPF should always be worn. Many people do not know this but the sun reflects back up to 80 percent of the suns rays back onto you, so much more then sand or water. Just because it is cold out does not mean you will not get a sunburn.

 Skip the soap.
Traditional soaps strip the skin of necessary oils and increase water loss and dryness. Instead, use gentle pH-balanced cleansers.

 Be a moisturizer snob.
Not all moisturizers are created equal. To ensure you get the most out of your moisturizer, choose a product that contains humectant ingredients that draw moisture into the skin, like a super hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream. And drink lots of water.

Check your skin care products for hidden moisture zappers.
Your skin’s enemies may also be lurking in your other skin care products. Make sure they don’t contain added colors, synthetic fragrances and other ingredients that could potentially irritate and dry out your skin.

 Keep your cool.
While there’s not much you can do about the weather, keep your skin happy by using a cool-mist humidifier indoors.

Men’s skin starts out thicker, more sebaceous and with more collagen in the fat plane so the thinning is not as obvious as it is for women. Years of shaving helps preserve skin-thickness in the beard area much the same way that microdermabrasion treatments can. Its not mystery that the sun can speed up the ageing and thining process.  In areas where dead skin cells fail to exfoliate naturally, the skin dries which causes a crusty look. It is important to use products that are rich in antioxidants, and products with retinoids. Check out this Antioxidant Infusion Crème!

Sweating at the gym might not be the root cause of body acne. Body acne is usually cause by an excessive amount of oil in the skin.  In order to help treat body acne its really important to exfoliate the body to help get oxygen into those pores and clean them out. Here is a great Exfoliating Body wash which also helps to control the oil , Its called Beta Body Wash.

This is totally fine, when you exercise your body loses moisture due to sweating, when you lose moisture you start to see more fine lines and wrinkles. If you moisturize before the gym it will help to keep your cells healthy and your face moisturized and refreshed. Don’t forget if you are working out in the sunlight to wear a moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF of greater then 36 Check out this great moisturizing sunblock here.

I would not recommend wearing any makeup to the gym, except the occasional eye makeup or lipstick! If you must wear makeup to the gym I would recommend using mineral powders as they won’t clog the pores and they are not affected by sweat. I have a great tool for removing makeup , try our Easy Makeup remover to cleanse away the makeup (that you just had to wear to the gym)!